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A revised version of this website and blog will appear soon. Take an early peek here. This revised version will integrate my original website, created in 1997 and my blog, created in 2013. It may take a while to get everything working together, so please be patient..

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The most recent website entries(View all website entries for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, or 2008)

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  7. P.Mean: Data sources for a proposed course on secondary data analysis (created 2013-08-07)

Can't find a file? This site has well over a thousand web pages, and has recently undegone a major transition. But if you can't a file from either this site, or my previous website at Children's Mercy Hospital, please check my lost files page, which has a list of files which got buried in the recent reorganization. If you can't find it there, then send me an email. Contact information is available above or on the lost files page.

Can I share this? I get a lot of people who ask if they can share a particular page or link. That is absolutely fine and is even encouraged. Note the license at the bottom of every page on this website. It is an open source attribution license. You can re-use my material as long as you cite the original source. I'm a big fan of open source and I am repaying all the generous people who offer their material in a way that makes it easy for me to re-use it by placing my material under the same easy license. My old website is controlled by Children's Mercy Hospital and they also control the copyright. I think that they don't care anymore about the copyright, but it may be best to limit your uses of those pages to the "fair use" provisions of U.S. copyright law.

Are you interested in hiring me to help with your research planning or data analysis? My typical rate is $175 per hour, unless the work is classified or it involves extensive travel. I offer discounts for graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation. I also offer training classes, including training via the web (webinars). Go to my consulting page for more details or you can contact me and tell me about your project. If you work at UMKC, you can get help through the UMKC Research and Statistical Consult Service. I work there part-time. I also am developing a list of other consultants.

Some images you might like. I have a picture of myself that I use from time to time. I'm putting it here so I can find it easily.

Picture of Steve Simon

Here's another picture of me that I use from time to time.

Picture of Steve Simon

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