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This webpage provides information about Statistics events in the Kansas City area. I'll try to keep this updated regularly. Some of these events change very frequently, so I apologize in advance if anything is out of date.

If you are aware of Statistics events in the Kansas City area that aren't listed here, send me an email at .

Kansas City R Users Group will meet on Saturday, January 18 at 2:00pm at the Plaza Library small meeting room. This is a beginner's workshop with talks on installing R, importing and exporting data, and basic descriptive statistics. An advanced meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 1 at 2:00pm. Topics include wavelets and shiny. Location TBA.

The Kansas-Western Missouri Chapter of the American Statistical Association, along with the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Biostatistics, and Cerner Corporation is sponsoring the 7th annual Innovations in Design, Analysis and Dissemination: Frontiers in Biostatistical Methods conference to be held April 24-25 on the campus of Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri.

Note that there are several regularly scheduled Statistics events in the Kansas City area. I will post specific details above, as these events become available, but here is some general information. All of these groups have an email distribution list and I can help get you on any of these if you like.

Data Science KC is a new group just getting started. You can find information about them at http://www.meetup.com/Data-Science-KC/.

Kansas City Area SAS Users Group meets quarterly, usually on the first Thursday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. They are currently meeting at Regnier Hall 165 in the Regents Center of the Kansas University Edwards Campus, located at 12600 Quivira Road in Overland Park. Their website is http://www.kcasug.org.

Kansas City R Users Group usually meets on the third Saturday of every other month from 2:00 - 3:30pm. I am the new president of this group, and I set up a small webpage at www.pmean.com/kcrug.html. This group has an account with meetup, which you can find at www.meetup.com/Kansas-City-R-Users-Group/

Kansas / Western Missouri Chapter of the American Statistical Association usually has a Fall meeting in the Kansas City area and a Spring meeting in Manhattan. They will also sometimes sponsor a short course, and they are a co-sponsor (with the KUMC Biostatistics Department and Cerner Corporation) of the annual Frontiers in Biostatistics conference in April. Their website is community.amstat.org/KWMChapter/Home/.

KUMC Biostatistics Journal Club usually meets on the first Monday of the month (but sometines the second Monday of the month) at Robinson 5030, during the lunch hour (starting times have varied from 11:30am to noon to 12:15pm). Most of the recent talks have started at 12:15pm. These talks can usually be viewed remotely.

The KUMC Biostatistics Department also hosts a seminar series with both local and outside speakers, typically on the third Friday of each month during the academic year (January-May and September-December). Times and locations vary. All talks are posted at www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/department-of-biostatistics/events-and-lectures.html.

UMKC Mathematics and Statistics seminars are usually on irregular Friday afternoons from 3:00 - 3:50pm during Fall and Spring semester. These should be held in Haag Hall, room 312, but check the website below to be sure. Some of the talks are about Statistics, others are about other branches of Mathematics. I will only post the Statistics talks here. All talks are posted at cas.umkc.edu/Mathematics/MathGradSeries.asp

Here are two interesting seminar series that I will not be reporting on because of distance and travel time issues, but which you might still find interesting.

Kansas State University Statistics seminars are excellent, but it is too far for me to drive to Manhattan, so I will usually not mention their seminars on this page. Sorry! This group also sponsors the Applied Statistics in Agriculture conference, usually at the end of April or beginning of May with a short course on Sunday and the conference on Monday and Tuesday. For more information about the seminars, see http://www.k-state.edu/stats/news/seminars.html. For more information about the Applied Statistics in Agriculture conference, see http://www.dce.k-state.edu/conf/applied-stats/.

University of Missouri Statistics seminars are also excellent, but it is too far for me to drive to Columbia, so I will usually not mention their seminars on this page. Sorry! For more information about these seminars, see http://www.stat.missouri.edu/NewsEvents/colloquia.html.

Finally, it is worth noting here that the American Statistical Association has an excellent list of Statistics conferences (both in the United States and international conferencs). For details, see http://www.amstat.org/dateline/index.cfm?fuseaction=main. The ASA also sponsors a wide variety of webinars. For details, see http://www.amstat.org/education/weblectures/index.cfm).

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