P.Mean: Lost files (created 2010-07-20)

With a site that is as big as this one, and with the recent merger of files from my old website, there is a good chance that files could get lost. I want to use this page to relink to those files, temporarily, until I can get the original links fixed. If you can't find a file, send me an email ( mail@pmean.com) and I will add a link here.

Almost every file on this site should be reached easily from the approprate category page. I have a list of all the category pages that you can browse through. There are also archive pages from 1999 to 2012, if you happen to know when the file was created. Please note that the file creation date is not always accurate and some of the archive entries need to be fixed.

Files that are difficult to find on my current website

Microarray files


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