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I'd like to include some brief testimonials from people I have worked with. Would you be willing to write a some comments outlining the quality of my work with you? There's no size limit, but shorter is better. I'd like to include your name, job title, and location (city and country only), but will also include anonymous testimonials if you prefer. I will include these testimonials on the webpage www.pmean.com/testimonials.html to help me get started in a career as an independent consultant.

Send any testimonials to . Thanks in advance for your help.


Fantastic Website. Very useful. I'm fighting the fight to get numerical decision making the norm rather than the exception. This material is great for clearing stuff up in my head before I try to explain it. Adam Lennox, Corporate Performance Improvement Specialist, Toronto, Canada.


Dr Steve Simon has a lot of experience in dealing with statistical problems small and large. By giving free consultations to many researchers he has made himself very accessible electronically for many years. He has been able to solve the statistical problems of many people by giving simple and easy to understand solutions. Now that he has decided to act as an independent consultant but has been humble to still accept some small statistical questions. I wish him all the best for his new endeavour. GMenon Scientist-B (Statistics) New Delhi, India

I came across with Dr. Simon a few weeks ago when I was looking for the answer of a statistical question. Dr Simon not only helped me in understanding my problem but also gave me a suggestion to deal with the problem. I strongly recommend Dr. Simon for consultation. It seems that he knows his subject well. You do not have to believe me. Contact him and you will find yourself writing a testimony for him in the near future. Rajesh (no city specified), India.

United States

I received quick response from Steve. My problem was little complex than the usual on unbalanced multifactor ANOVA. Steve analyzed that in professional way before answering. I was extremely satisfied with the response. I would recommend his services to all requiring statistical help. R S Mann, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gainesville, FL.

I have worked with Steve Simon for over 20 years publishing over 35 abstracts and manuscripts, 3 of which won national awards. Steve has the unique ability to explain complex statistical analysis in way that can be readily understood by the research team. His most impressive asset has been to listen and understand the complex biomedical data and its relationship to health in order help develop the appropriate experimental design and statistical analyses. Steve also has comfortable teaching style and providing fun exercises to help students grasp complex statistical concepts. Steve Schrader, Andrologist, Cincinnati, OH.


Steve already helped me to solve some problems in statistics. His advice is very useful. Happy to work with him. Tuan Nguyen. Intensivist. Vietnam.

No country specified

Steve provided me with helpful statistical feedback to choose what study design and analysis to use for a study I was conducting. Steve answered all of my questions clearly, concisely, and promptly. I would definitely recommend working with Steve! Anonymous

Professor Mean, You are indeed helping the World. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much!! Michael (no city or country specified)

Dr. Simon's website had a great explanation of the power calculation and how it is to be used, but I was in need of an original source for the formula. Dr. Simon was extremely helpful in referring me to a book which contained further information regarding power calculations. Anonymous

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