P.Mean: How to get in touch with me (created 2010-05-15)

If you want to get in touch with me, I have several email accounts that I monitor regularly.

  1. mail@pmean.com is the account I use for my independent consulting business.
  2. steve@steveandcathysimon.com is the account I use for personal emails.
  3. net@pmean.com is the account I use for various Internet discussion groups.
  4. simons@umkc.edu is the account I use for work associated with my part-time appointment at UMKC.

Please don't worry if you use the "wrong" email account. I love getting email (spam excepted, of course) and don't care too much which inbox your email your message lands in. I'll respond from the account where I would like future correspondence to come from.

Can I contact you by telephone? I do prefer to work by email, but there may be some situations where email doesn't work for you. If you need to talk to me in person, I have several phone numbers, but I am not reliably at any one number for most of the time. If you have to call, please try my cell phone number (913-912-2076), but I do not always answer right away.

What social networks am I on? I have a facebook page that is intended mostly for personal updates. I also have an account at LinkedIn which I use for professional networking.

What sort of question can you ask? I'm a busy person, but I do try to respond to every email that I get. If you are curious about what type of question to ask, what sort of answers I give, or why I bother answering these questions at all, please take a look at P.Mean: Can I ask you a question? (created 2008-09-25).

Are you interested in a short course or seminar? Are you interested in one of my webinars? Go to the main webinar page for information on how to register.

Do you want to know my rates for statistical consulting? I describe my consulting rates and the types of consulting projects that I can help with on my consulting page.

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