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The file bf.sav contains data from a research study done at Children's Mercy Hospital and St. Luke's Medical Center. The data comes from a study of breast feeding in pre-term infants. Infants were randomized into either a treatment group (NG tube) or a control group (Bottle). Infants in the NG tube group were fed in the hospital via their nasogastral tube when the mother was not available for breast feeding. Infants in the bottle group received bottles when the mothers were not available. Both groups were monitored for six months after discharge from the hospital.

Variable list

  1. MomID Mother's Medical Record Number
  2. BabyID Baby's Medical Record Number
  3. FeedTyp Feeding type (Bottle or NG Tube)
  4. BfDisch Breastfeeding status at hospital discharge (Excl, Part, None)
  5. BfDay3 Breastfeeding status three days after discharge (Excl, Part, None)
  6. BfWk6 Breastfeeding status six weeks after discharge (Excl, Part, None)
  7. BfMo3 Breastfeeding status three months after discharge (Excl, Part, None)
  8. BfMo6 Breastfeeding status six months after discharge (Excl, Part, None)
  9. Sepsis Diagnosis of sepsis (Yes or No)
  10. DelType Type of delivery (Vag or C/S)
  11. MarStat Marital status of mother (Single or Married)
  12. Race Mother's race (White or Black)
  13. Smoker Smoking by mother during pregnancy (Yes or No)
  14. BfDurWk Breastfeeding duration in weeks
  15. AB Total number of apnea and bradycardia incidents
  16. AgeYrs Mother's age in years
  17. Grav Gravidity or number of pregnancies
  18. Para Parity or number of live births
  19. MiHosp Miles from the mother's home to the hospital
  20. DaysNG Number of days on the NG tube.
  21. TotBott Total number of bottles of formula given while in the hospital
  22. BirthWt Birthweight in kg
  23. GestAge Estimated gestational age in weeks
  24. Apgar1 Apgar score at one minute
  25. Apgar5 Apgar score at five minutes

Note: as I revise and improve this data set, I may add or remove variables from this list. So if the variables shown above don't match perfectly with the data set you have, don't panic.

Also note that I use different notation ("treatment" instead of "ng tube" and "control" instead of "bottle") in other parts of this website.


Kliethermes PA; Cross ML; Lanese MG; Johnson KM; Simon SD [1999]. Transitioning preterm infants with nasogastric tube supplementation: increased likelihood of breastfeeding. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 28(3): 264-273

Stats >> Training >> Description of the breast feeding data set