Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas the photographer (created 2010-02-19)

I have one of those indestructible cameras (it goes underwater, can be dropped from seven feet, etc.) and once in a while I turn it over to Nicholas and let him shoot pictures of whatever he wants. Here are some examples. I cropped most of these pictures (just like I crop my own pictures), but they are otherwise untouched.

This is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, found in our bedroom (not Paris).

This is our cat, Newton.

This is a chessboard and a Curious George CD holder, found up in my study.

Here are some of his toys.

Here's a picture of Dad.

Here's a more tightly cropped picture. I may change my mugshot on Facebook and LinkedIn to this picture.

Here's a picture of my laptop keyboard.

Here's another toy, a Christmas gift from Heather.

Here's a picture from the backseat of my car.

Here's a self-portrait,

and another

and another.

In an earlier webpage entry, I talked about his photography at a wedding. Here are some more pictures, the wedding cake,

and a floral arrangement. Most of the flowers in this arrangement came from a bush in the front of our house.

Another picture of me, from an odd angle. He actually has some pretty nice pictures of other people, but I am reluctant to put some of those up on my website without talking to the people first. Many of the shots are candid and some people don't like candid shots of themselves.

What now?

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