Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas and a very busy week in October (created 2009-10-27).

Nicholas has had a pretty busy October, and it is not over yet.

October 8, Nicholas played the role of a bumble bee in a second grade school play. We got this costume at Amazon. They also have a very nice father and son sized cockroach costumes, but Nicholas does not like the idea. I'll just be a boring old Dad on Halloween.

I don't want to post pictures of the school play here, as some parents might not like their child's picture on someone else's website. It was very cute, though, as Nicholas and the other bumble bees played kazoos to sound like buzzing during one of the songs.

October 9, Nicholas and Dad visited the Moon Marble Company ( and saw how marbles are made. He got a pack of marbles and a small wooden boat.

October 10, Nicholas went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Here he is on a medieval equivalent of a Worlds of Fun ride.

He also got a camel ride.

That same evening, Nicholas attended his first wedding. Two close friends of ours, Bob and Gina got married that night, and Nicholas took a bunch of pictures.

I think he has a future as a wedding photographer, don't you?

October 11, he went to the Pumpkin Patch Festival at the Deanna Rose Farmstead.

In another webpage, I'll show more October pictures from his trip to Omaha. I'll also try to get some good Halloween pictures.

What now?

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