P.Mean: What resources are available for fellows? (created 2008-08-20).

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I am on the Core Curriculum Committee for a fellowship program in medicine (details omitted to protect privacy) and we are in the process of updating our reading list for the fellows in training. One of the many topics we are trying to update is some basic info on statistics. I was going to reference your book, but they are mostly looking for good review articles that the fellows are more likely to look at. Specifically, they want info on: Test-performance characteristics: principles of sensitivity, specificity, predictive value, and ROC analysis. I was wondering also about referencing your web page as well.

Go ahead and recommend my book, but keep in mind that this book was based on the pages at my old website, so you can find much of the material that you want by browsing through the site.

I have a sixteen page booklet that I prepared for a talk last year, and it sound like it is perfect for your needs except for the section on ROC analysis. I will probably add that as well as some other material and eventually turn it into a second book. But I did splurge and got one thousand copies of the booklet that I want to hand out to try to develop interest in this new book.

You can find a PDF of the booklet at my old website or you can link to it off the main page of my old website. But I would encourage you to ask for the hardcopy version. I can send out a limited number of copies out by mail, especially to people who want to provide feedback. If someone needs a large number of copies (more than ten, say), then I can provide them for a nominal fee. I am especially interested in people who will use the handout in a training class.

The big advantage of the booklet is that it comes with a pre-assembled likelihood ratio slide rule. Please contact me by email (details are on my general help page) if you want a hardcopy.

Linking to my webpages is fine. The quality of the pages is a bit uneven, but there should be plenty of material out there. If there is a particular topic that is important that you think is missing or incomplete, let me know as that will help me set priorities for future development. I am developing new material at www.pmean.com, but there is a dispute over whether I can take my old pages at www.childrensmercy.org/stats to the new site. I'm sure I'll get that issue resolved amicably, but trying to force the issue prematurely may backfire. So for now, be sure to look at both websites for interesting content.

There are a variety of nice review articles about statistics, and I do try to reference these as I come across them. There are three journals that seem to have a lot of good quality content, BMJ, CMAJ, and MJA. All three journals have collections on their sites with specific articles on statistics, research methods, epidemiology, or some combination.

If you find the perfect overview paper, please let me know.

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