P.Mean: Biostatistics or Health Informatics programs in or near Kansas City (created 2008-10-18).

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I'm looking to expand my knowledge base. I was wondering if there are any programs in or near the Kansas City area that offer BioStats or Healthcare Informatics types courses (things with a more math bent).

UMKC has a new Master of Science in Bioinformatics.

Update: I am now working 25% time in this department.

Have you considered getting a Masters in Public Health? There's a pretty good program at KUMC.

I also like the folks who teach Statistics in the Mathematics and Statistics program at UMKC. They're in the College of Arts and Sciences, so they would not have an exclusive focus on medical applications. Still, they would be worth looking at.

If you are willing to commute, both University of Missouri, Columbia and Kansas State University have outstanding programs. But both of them are quite a drive away.

You don't have to sign up for a degree program right away. You might try taking a few classes for credit and seeing what you think.

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