Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nick ends the summer with a bang (created 2011-08-03)

Nicholas is back in school, but the 30 days before school started were quite eventful. Here's an update of everything that happened with a few pictures.

As mentioned earlier, we got a dog, Cinnamon. Cinnamon loves to chew on things, and it is a constant struggle to keep our house and belongings intact. Nick just loves Cinnamon and plays with her constantly.

Picture of Nick and Cinnamon

Nick had his ninth birthday. He invited some friends over for a swim party and a sleepover. Half of them had already arrived and Nick was showing them his scooter. He hit a bump and landed face first into the concrete. Cathy took Nick to the Urgent Care Center at Children's Mercy South and Steve had to keep the kids who were there entertained at the pool. Nick came back with six stitches, but he was still able to eat cake and host the sleepover.

Picture of Nick with his birthday cake

Two days after Nick's birthday, Steve had to leave for a business trip to Miami Beach. The air conditioning was acting a bit goofy before he left, but it quit completely once he was gone. Cathy had to cope with no air conditioning when the temperatures were all in the danger level. The worst day had a temperature of 106.

Also while Steve was gone, Nick had his stitches removed (also at Children's Mercy South), but the wound site didn't heal up as quickly as we would have hoped. When Nick bumped his chin on the bannister, the wound re-opened and he had to visit Children's Mercy South for the third time in one week. Steve arrived home as this was happening and met Nick and Cathy at the Urgent Care room. Nick was quite good, possibly because it was late and he was tired. He fell asleep while they were working on a more comprehensive set of stiches.

A couple of days after Steve returned, we all took a trip to Colorado. We rented a condo in Avon, which is up in the mountains near Vail and Beaver Creek.

Picture of Nick on a bike at the top of Vail Pass

The three of us rode down Vail Pass on bikes.

Picture of the family at the top of Vail Pass

We took a chair lift to the top of Beaver Creek Mountain and hiked around.

Picture of Nick hiking

The views were gorgeous.

Picture of Nick and Cathy hiking

We stopped at Gore Creek.

Picture of Cathy and Nick by Gore Creek

Nick crossed Gore Creek in his bare feet. The water was clean, but very cold.

Picture of Nick crossing Gore Creek

We took a chair lift up to the top of Vail Mountain near sunset.

Picture of Nick on top of Vail Mountain

Nick had his second set of stitches removed by Cathy while in Colorado. The wound site is pretty much completely healed, but we need to keep steri-strips on it for another couple of months. Three days after we got back from Colorado, Nick started school again. He's in fourth grade.

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