Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Steve runs in the snow (created 2011-12-10)

We had a light snowfall (about half an inch) on December 6, which was a day that I normally run. I decided to keep on schedule in spite of the snow, and althogh I didn't make very good time, it was still fun. Before all the automobile soot colors the snow gray, the snow on the ground is usually very pretty. That day's snow was no exception. I didn't take any pictures during the run, but here are a few that I took on the cool down afterwards.

Picture of Cinnamon in the snow

Cinnamon accompanies me on most of my runs, and she didn't mind the snowfall at all.

Picture of Cinnamon in the snow

We tried to run mostly on the grass, as the sidewalks and the streets were especially slick.

Picture of Cinnamon in the snow

Here's spot where a car took the turn a bit too wide and skidded onto the grass. No harm done, apparently, to the car which drove off before we arrived, but the grass did suffer a bit. When I was taking this picture, I was standing in the street and a car turned behind me. Thankfully that car was travelling at a safe speed, or the skid marks would have been supplemented by a bit of my hide.

Cinnamon in the snow

Here's a nice view of the snow on the grass, sidewalk, and street.

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