Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas and fun in the snow (created 2010-02-06)

I've already written about the big snow we had during Christmas break and the sledding that Nicholas did near Cleveland Chiropractic. We've had even more snow recently. On Saturday, January 30, we had an inch or so.

When I went out to shovel the driveway, I noticed a bunch of tire tracks going all around in crazy directions. There was also a footwide looping path cleared out over part of the driveway (upper left corner). What could have caused this? A suspect appeared.

This is one of Nicholas's remote control vehicles. Apparently it had been driving all around the driveway.

Here you can see Nicholas with another one of this remote control vehicles. He had cleared a "racetrack" in the snow for his vehicles. The really tough ones went into the inch deep snow and made their own paths. Now I know it is bad to let an electric vehicle run through cold wet snow, but Nicholas was having so much fun that I couldn't stop him. So far, none of his remote control vehicles has suffered any permanent damage.

Another storm on Friday, February 5 left three inches of thick wet snow on the ground, ideal for rolling large snowballs. Notice that once the snowball got big enough, it picked up all the snow in its path, all the way down to the grass.

 Some of the snowballs were so big, you needed two people.

What to do with these big snowballs? Build a snow fort, of course. All of the exposed grass was from rolling the snowballs into place. All the neighbors have a thick blanket of snow on their lawns. Our lawn is almost no snow, except for the huge snow fort.

The fort is big enough to climb on. Cathy says it is so big, it will last until the summer. I hope so.

What now?

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