Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas the sledder (created 2010-01-16)

We had a very white Christmas in Kansas City and it was perfect sledding weather. Nicholas heard from a friend about a great sledding hill near Cleveland Chiropractic College, so we checked it out. He had a great time. Dad mostly stood around and watched. Nicholas did get Dad up for one sledding run. getting uphill was quite treacherous, but the downhill part was fun. Here are some pictures.

The hills were quite steep and icy, so you could go very fast.

In this picture, Nicholas is heading for  a snow ramp. It gives you a spectacular midair flight if you are able to hit it just right. This ramp was Nicholas's favorite part of sledding.

Here's a picture of Nicholas struggling to hold on after the violent reconnection with Mother Earth. As hard as I tried, I could never get a picture of Nicholas in midair.

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