Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas the pilot (created 2011-06-04)

Nicholas took some money out of his savings account to buy a remote control airplane. It was a big success. Here are some pictures.

Nicholas and his remote control airplane

It's really hard to get a good picture of both him and his plane in the same frame. You have to take lots of pictures from a distance, and then hope that when you zoom in and crop that everything is visible. Here are a couple more that came out.

Nicholas and his remote control airplane

Nicholas and his remote control airplane

Here's a picture of him launching the plane.

Nicholas launching his remote control airplane

The plane can easily climb to 50 feet or more.

The remote control airplane up high in the sky

You need to be careful when the plane gets up this high. If you cut the power or if it goes outside the range of the remote, it will glide for a hundred feet or more. When Nicholas gave me the controls, I ended up sailing the thing into the backyard of the house you see in the first picture. There was a big dog in the backyard, so we had to ring the doorbell and ask for the plane back. Very embarrassing.

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