Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas the frisbee flinger (created 2010-05-09)

Nicholas was tossing the frisbee with one of the neighbor kids. Here are some pictures. You can see the firisbee high in the sky. The angle of the shot is a bit deceptive, but it is still a pretty impressive throw.

Here are some more pictures of Nicholas throwing or catching the frisbee, though it is a bit harder to pick out the frisbee in some of these pictures. I cropped the other child out of the picture because I don't like putting photos of other kids up on my website. You never know what other parents might think.

You can't see it in these pictures, but Nicholas has an unusual throwing style. He starts with the frisbee upside down and curled under. He then flicks his arm outward with a twist and the frisbee comes flying you right side up.

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