Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nick goes crazy fishing (created 2012-08-31)

I am not a big fan of fishing, but it appears to be something that Nicholas just loves. Here are some pictures at recent fishing events, either those sponsored by his local Cub Scout Pack or fishing on his own.

Nicholas with a big catfish

Here's a big catfish that he caught.

An even bigger catfish

This one is even bigger.

Nicholas catching a catfish

Here's one last catfish.

Nicholas with a large mouth bass

I believe this is a large mouth bass. Nicholas has wet hair because he heard it is best to fish in the rain, and he stayed out during a brief shower.

Nicholas bringing a fish to the car

I retreated to the car, but that didn't mean that I got away from fishing. Here Nicholas brings me a recent catch.

Nicholas with a green sunfish

I think this is a green sunfish.

Nicholas holding a green sunfish

Here's another one.

Nicholas holding up a recent catch

Here you can see the size of the fish. It's almost as big as Nicholas!

Nicholas fishing in a quiet spot

Nicholas has a couple of fishing poles. But sometimes he just uses a piece of fishing line and tosses a baited hook into a quiet spot. He has a lot of success with this.

Nicholas looking for fish

He can also catch very small fish directly in his net.

A pair of small fish caught directly in a net.

Here are a couple of the small fish he caught in the net.

Nicholas with a catch

Here's a catch at a different fishing lake.

NIcholas fishing from a dock

Fishing was great from the dock as well.

Picture of Cinnamon waiting patiently during a fishing expedition

Cinnamon accompanies us on some of the fishing expeditions.

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