Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas and the egg (created 2011-06-05)

Nicholas found an egg at the base of a tree in the front yard of our house. We don't know if it was from a ground nesting bird or if it fell out of a nest up high in the tree. It sat there for days and days, and while I didn't let Nicholas near it at first, I gradually realized that it was not going to hatch. So we did some up close investigation.

Nicholas and an egg he found

We got a ruler out so we could get an approximate size for the egg.

Nicholas sizing up the egg he found

Here's a closeup.

Closeup view of egg

The egg is about two inches long, a bit bigger than a chicken egg. Its shell is a dull white and mottled brown appearance. Does anyone know what type of egg this is?

What now?

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