Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas the arachnologist (created 2010-10-27)

Nicholas, Cathy, and Steve went on an overnight cub scout camp. Part of the activities included a bug hunt. Nicholas caught an impressive spider.

It's inside a plastic box, so the image is not so clear. The body of the spider was about as big as the upper half of my thumb. I was told that this was a garden spider. It looks much too vicious to have such a sweet name. I would have called it a vampire spider or something else that would give the impression of how truly ferocious and dangerous this spider looked to me. Someone at work said "Oh those garden spiders make the prettiest webs." Again, this is not fitting with the image of the vicious beast that this creature truly is.

Here's a picture after it was released back into the wild.

It's amazing how well such a brightly colored spider blends in. If this picture wasn't cropped so tightly, you would never see the spider at all.

Nicholas has always been interested in and unafraid of bugs. He is very patient and very quick, so he can grab a moth or grasshopper with ease.

During the campout, Nicholas also went fishing.

He didn't catch anything (thank goodness!) but he had a lot of fun trying.

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