Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nicholas has too many toys (created 2011-06-04)

It's easy to lose track, but when you look back at all the toys that Nicholas has gotten over the years, he has far too many. He especially likes cars, trucks, and planes. One day he decided to put most of these out in the playroom downstairs.

Picture of Nicholas with some of his cars, trucks, and planes

This is only part of the picture. Here are some other angles.

More cars, trucks, and planes

Still more cars, trucks, and planes

Here's a picture that tries to show everything and Nicholas in the middle of it all.

One more picture of all the cars, trucks, and planes

When Nicholas is 16, he wants us to buy him a Ford pickup truck. A real one. For now, I'm glad that the vehicles we buy him cost only a few dollars.

What now?

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