Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- From sixty degrees to six inches of snow (created 2010-03-20)

We had our first taste of spring weather earlier this week. Nicholas spent a lot of time outdoors. Here are a few pictures of him playing basketball with an invisible basketball hoop.

He also rode his scooter around the cul-de-sac.

I reduced these pictures to 200 pixels wide because the distance and the high speed made more of the pictures too blurry at 400 pixels wide. Here's a posed shot, though, that I have more than enough detail at 400 pixels width.

A few days later we were hit by a surprise snow storm. Accumulations are at least six inches, but I don't think the snow has stopped just yet.

Here's a picture from our front door after Nicholas and I shoveled. You can see that the additional snow is already undoing all our hard work. The snow was not good for rolling really big snowballs, but we did have a couple of snowball fights.

What now?

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