Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nick and Steve run with the cows (created 2010-05-14)

Steve has been training to run in a 5K race since January. He made enough progress that he felt comfortable competing in a real race. On Saturday, May 14, he went down to Bucyrus (just on the other side of Johnson County) for the Running With the Cows race. Nicholas, who needs no training, joined him.

Steve has a very slow pace, just barely above walking speed, but his goal was to run for the entire five kilometers without taking a break and walking. Nicholas, of course, had a much faster pace and ran to the front of the pack. He lost the racing chip on his shoe, though, so we don't know exactly what his time was, maybe around 30-35 minutes. Steve finished in 53 minutes, well behind just about all the runners and even some of the power walkers. But he did not stop to walk at anytime. Nicholas was waiting at the finish line and razzed Steve about his slow pace. So Steve did sprint for the last 50 yards.

Nick signed up for the kids run afterwards. This was a two lap one mile race, but Nicholas pooped out at the end of the first lap. Even so, he did the half mile in about 3 minutes, which is pretty amazing for someone who just finished a 5K.

It seems like there is a 5K just about every weekend this summer, so we'll probably be competing again in the near future. Steve's goal is to work on improving his speed rather than worrying about distances. No 10K or half marathon races in his future. He has a new goal, though. By next year at this time, he wants to run the 5K in 30 minutes or less.

We forget to bring a camera with us, but here's a picture of the runnners at home after the race.

Steve and Nicholas after the race

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