Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Where polar bears live--a joke ICOBOM (created 2010-02-10)

Here's a joke that I wrote myself. I call these jokes ICOBOM (I can only blame on myself) because if they are bad, I can't shift the blame to someone else.

There's a kid's puzzle in our Sunday comics with a mystery sleuth, Slylock Fox. Each week he poses a crime puzzle and you have to think of the correct answer. It usually involves something like alligators living in North America and not in Africa. This past week, they showed a picture of a penguin and polar bear, side by side. That can't happen because these animals live at opposite sides of the earth. Penguins live near the South Pole but not near the North Pole. Polar bears live in the Arctic region, but not the Antarctic. If they lived at both locations, they would be called bipolar bears.

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