Steve, Cathy, and Nicholas -- Nick has another overnight camping trip with Cub Scouts (created 2011-05-04)

I'm not much for roughing it in the wild, but when Nicholas's Cub Scout troop held a spring overnight family camping trip, I gritted my teeth and went along. Our tent is seriously dwarfed by everyone else's,

Our small tent

but we had a gorgeous view from our location.

View from our tent

View from our tent

View from our tent

View from our tent

View from our tent

S'Mores are a requirement on these events, and Nicholas got his marshmallow nicely browned and it did not catch on fire.

Nicholas enjoying his S'Mores

He enjoyed fishing in spite of not catching anything. With half the kids fishing and the other half throwing rocks into the lake, what could you expect?

Cathy was working that weekend, but she joined us for some of the fun on Saturday evening.

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