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One of my goals in life is to get a letter published on the Opinion pages of the Kansas City Star on a regular basis. They don't like to publish from any one writer more often than once a month. So far I've had mixed success, but I thought it would be interesting to post all of these letters on my website, both the ones that got published and the ones that didn't. I tried to note which efforts were successful and which were not, but I may not be 100% accurate.

The letters to the editor are limited to 150 words and I always appreciated the challenge of making a persuasive argument in such a small space. Unfortunately, that tended to make the letters a bit simplistic. There's no room for nuance in 150 words, so the writing tends towards a more polarized view of the world than I would like.

I am also including other submissions of a more lofty nature, such as the "As I See It column," (which has a much more generous 450 word limit), application to serve on the Editorial Board Advisory Panel, and application to serve as a Midwest Voices columnist. All these have been unsuccessful, but I will keep on trying.

Dates are approximate.

June 2010.

What now?

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