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Every month, I try to get a letter published on the editorial pages of the Kansas City Star. This is a letter I submitted on Thursday, May 20. It did not get published. Oh well, I'll try again in a little bit.

Amidst all their whining about the mainstream media, conservatives have failed to notice a comic strip that promotes support for our military and respect for religion: Doonesbury, drawn by Gary Trudeau. One of the main characters, B.D., served in Viet Nam, and the two Gulf Wars. In 2004, B.D. lost a leg in combat, and Mr. Trudeau has chronicled his difficult recovery and that of another wounded Gulf War veteran, Toggle.

Another long running character, Reverend Scott Sloan, has been promoting religion since 1972. Two months ago, Mr. Trudeau introduced a new character: a military chaplain who has dealt with the problems of sexual harassment in the military and with the complexities of having to minister to soldiers with a wide range of religions.

God bless Gary Trudeau. He is living proof that conservatives don't have a monopoly on the love of God and country.

What now?

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