P.Mean: Honorable mention for my R code on accrual (created 2012-01-25).

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Back in October 2011, I entered a contest sponsored by Revolution Analytics, "Applications of R in Business." I spiffed up a bit of my R code on patient accrual and submitted it with a brief explanation and some simple examples. It turns out that I was one of the five honorable mentions in this contest, which was a pleasant surprise, as I am just an amateur at programming in R.

Although I wrote the R code myself, I have to acknowledge and thank my collaborator, Byron Gajewski at the Kansas University Medical Center, who first got me interested in a Bayesian approach to patient accrual and who has provided much of the work developing the accrual model.

You can review my contest submission and the press release announcing the winners. I get a thousand dollar check for my effort, but the positive publicity for this work is just as important.

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