P.Mean: Some thoughts on a backup policy (created 2011-12-31).

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How big are her files? She should probably not bother backing up any files that can be re-downloaded. I made that mistake with an earlier project and backing up all the original files made it so tedious that I did not do it regularly enough and ended up losing data. Also, if she's not doing this already, she should be processing her data in such a way that she can reproduce the processing with a trivial amount of effort. That means avoiding changes directly to the file but rather making changes through a series of syntax statements such as IF team="Chefs" THEN team="Chiefs" She should make sure that any changed files are stored under another name so she can gracefully back away from an ill-thought-out change. Then she doesn't need to back up anything except her program syntax. Because the redownloaded raw data plus the syntax is almost as good as a full backup. Finally, I have lots of old USB hard drives that are "too small". If she can get by with 120 or 250 GB of storage, I can find something that she can borrow. I just need ten minutes to remove the old files.

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