P.Mean: Second invitation to talk about how independent consulting is different (created 2011-07-24).

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I have a second invitation to talk on how independent consulting is different in 2012 (send me an email if you're curious about when and where). I was asked to submit an abstract, so here it is.

How independent consulting is different

As someone who is currently working as an independent consultant part-time and part-tine consultant in an academic setting, I have noticed several important differences about independent consulting. As an indpendent consultant: (1) you aren't the gatekeeper; (2) you have to bill regularly; (3) no one will subsidize your professional development or your independent research program; (4) you do not have a support network. On the positive side: (1) you can pick and choose your customers, and (2) it's easy to keep your boss happy. In this talk, I will elaborate on each of these points.

Keywords: academic consuling, customer billing, professional development.

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