P.Mean: What goes on your business card (created 2011-08-04).

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Someone who was about to embark on an independent consulting career asked me what you should put on your business card. My advice was to keep it simple.

List your name and your terminal degree and the name of your company. List some of the ways to get in touch with you. This might include:

--> address
--> telephone number
--> fax number
--> skype information
--> email address
--> website
--> Facebook page
--> LinkedIn page
--> Twitter account

but don't feel like you have to list all of these. Don't list anything that might compromise your privacy; some people might not want to let a lot of people know where they live and/or their home phone number. As long as you list at least two different ways of contacting you, that should be fine.

You should consider a company logo (mine appears at the top of the page). Also consider a tag line (I don't have one, but if I did it might be something like: solving the toughest statistical problems).

If you have a company name, company logo, or company tag line, try to use it in all your business correspondance, all your emails, on your website, etc.

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