P.Mean: Thinking about the title for my second book  (created 2011-04-11).

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As I mentioned on an earlier webpage, Cambridge University Press has agreed to publish my second book. There were some suggestions, including a change in the proposed title to "Successful Research Projects: A Practical Guide for the Health and Social Sciences." I was not thrilled with this title and I was appreciative when my contact at Cambridge described that title as bland.

I had originally suggested titles involving the phrase "Jumpstart Statistics" to emphasize that the goal of the book was to help people whose research projects were stalled. The problem with this title, unfortunately, is that people might falsely believe that the book was about JMP, an interactive statistics package with dynamically linked graphics. So that's out.

I also had been considering a title along the lines of "The First Three Steps" since the goal of my book was to outline the first few steps that you need to take at any phase of your research project. This was considered a bit confusing, so we're back to the drawing board.

I might use something like "Keeping your research project on track" but I'm still ruminating.

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