P.Mean: Power calculations for repeated measures designs (created 2008-09-25).

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Iíve been struggling with a design/analysis question related to repeated measures design and power analysis. Can you help?

This is a very general question, and specific answers will vary depending on the specific context of the problem. Here's a very vague answer to give you an idea of what you need to worry about.

Power calculations for repeated measures designs usually requires an extra piece of information. Rather than a single standard deviation, you need to specify a between subject standard deviation and a within subject standard deviation. Alternately, you could provide information about the total standard deviation (both between and within variation) and then a within subject correlation. Finally, you can simplify many repeated measures designs by looking at a change score. If there are more than two repeated measures, then often the change score between the first time point and the last time point is useful.

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