StATS: New format for articles, books, and websites (January 1, 2008).

On my thousand plus web pages, I have included various other resources: peer-reviewed articles, books, and websites. These have been handled in a haphazard fashion, and my attempts to standardize the formats (most notably in Professor Mean's Library) have been only partially successful. I have been experimenting with a new format. I want something that is useful to you loyal readers of my webpages while still being easy for me to maintain and update.

My new format, which I hope will work, is to list all these other resources in

Each entry on these pages will have a bookmark, which is the first major word in the title (ignoring the, a, etc.) followed by a number (usually 01). I also have a closely related page,

that you might find useful.

I had been trying to include new articles, books, and websites as individual weblog entries, but that was just too much work. By placing all of the entries on the same page, I can see all the entries together and fix any formatting inconsistencies. I can also produce new compilations. In my interesting books page, I highlight those books with little or no mathematics, those that provide a good general introduction to statistics, those that have more mathematical rigor, etc. I also want to develop a top ten list of recommended book. I get lots of questions about what book I would recommend, and I can't pick one over all the others, but I think I can come up with ten that I like and that I heartily recommend.

My goal for all of the articles, books, and websites, is to include a brief description. I will also try to include links to the full text and./or PDF formats of research articles when they are available.

As of January 1, 2008, I have 81 articles, 75 books, and 37 websites in the proper format, though there are literally hundreds of others that need to be standardized in this new format. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

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