P.Mean: Multiple email accounts (created 2008-09-09).

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I have created several email accounts to help separate my personal life from my professional life and my new career as an independent statistical consultant from my old career at Children's Mercy Hospital. You can use any of these email accounts, and I will answer, of course. I will be a bit more efficient, though, if you target the correct email address.

mail (at) pmean (dot) com is the best general purpose email for reaching me. It is intended for messages associated with my new career as an independent statistical consultant. I will also use this for most of my professional interactions with other statisticians.

Steve (at) SteveAndCathySimon (dot) com is the best email address for personal messages. If your message is not about statistics, this is your best point of contact. I use mixed capitalization on this account to make it more readable (the technical term for this is CamelCase). But the Internet is very forgiving, so if you send something to steve (at) steveandcathysimon (dot) com or to STEVE (at) STEVEANDCATHYSIMON (dot) COM, that will work just fine.

net (at) pmean (dot) com is the address I will use for various Internet email discussion groups. The amount of mail that you can get at these discussion groups can be quite crushing at times, so I want to keep these messages segregated from the others.

ssimon (at) cmh (dot) edu is the address that I have used for the past 12 years, and I will continue to use this for hospital related business. It will disappear, though, as soon as my employment at Children's Mercy Hospital ends, so it is the least safe email address to rely on.

My Internet service provider makes it easy for me to create and use new accounts, so I may add additional accounts to help simplify my life. If you are confused, however, don't worry. I'll respond to any message I get, no matter what email address it is sent to.

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