Page's test (September 3, 1999)

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Dear Professor Mean, I have recently come across a statistical test (Page's L test),with which I am unfamiliar. Does anyone either have information about this test or know where I might find information about it.

Page's test is a nonparametric test. It uses the ranks of the data, rather than the data itself, so as to avoid any assumptions about the underlying distribution of the data.

Page's test is used as an alternative to Friedman's test when the treatments are ordered in a logical sequence (e.g., no therapy, limited therapy, full therapy). Like Friedman's test, it is relevant when each subject gets each treatment or when subjects are matched.

Further reading

A nice description of Page's test can be found on pages 284-292 of Hollander and Wolfe's book on nonparametric statistics.

Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Second Edition. Hollander M, Wolfe D. New York NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (1999) ISBN: 0-471-19045-4.