P.Mean: Location of my UMKC office (created 2010-12-09).

NEWS FLASH!!! As of Septmeber 8, 2014, I have new office, MG-204B, located in the basement of the School of Medicine. It is a lot easier to get to.

I'm in the MG-200 Office Suite, highlighted below.

Map of ground floor in the School of Medicine

This office suite actually belongs to the Center for Health Insights. I'm not officially part of CHI though I work closely with that group. I asked Mark Hoffman if I could get some office space in CHI so I could be closer to most of my customers.

To get to the ground floor, take the elevators down, or the stairs located near the main entrance.Then follow the signs for the Center for Health Insights.

Detailed map of Center for Health Insights offices

My office is 204B, nestled between Ronnie Blackburn and Earl Glynn. I also hold drop in hours for the Research and Statistical Consult Service. These drop-in hours are in the "200 Office Cubicles."

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