Fan page for The Monthly Mean (created 2010-02-11).

This page is moving to a new website.

I've been getting some advice about Facebook. One suggestion was to set up a "fan page". There are some differences between being a "friend" on Facebook and being a "fan".

Here's the official Facebook explanation about personal pages, fan pages, and group pages.

I set up a fan page for "The Monthly Mean",

complete with a graphic that I drew myself.

You probably thought this was from a professional artist. My personal page, as mentioned earlier, is

I may need to change my Facebook picture. It was shot from my webcam at Chipotle Grill. It's not a bad picture of me, but I fade into the dark background.

I also have an account at LinkedIn

Note that the names of my personal page and my LinkedIn page are short and sweet. I want to create a similar name for The Monthly Mean fan page. There is some conflicting guidance about this:

It looks like I might need 25 fans before I can get a simple name for my fan page.