I love to write (or my newsletters are getting longer) (created 2009-03-19)

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In high school and college I dreaded writing term papers. Something has changed because now I love to write. I started a monthly newsletter, and it's length seems to be growing with each month. Here are some statistics on newsletter lengths.

The first newsletter, writtien in November 2008, was about 2,900 words long. In December, I wrote about 3,600 words for the newsletter. The first newsletter in 2009 tipped the scales at 5,200 words. The February newsletter was only a bit shorter at 4,300 words. I'm not done with the March newsletter yet, but it is getting close to finished at about 2,300 words.

I have not had as much time to write webpages as I would like. I used to average a three or four webpages every week, but now it is more like three or four web pages per month. It's hard to keep a website going for more than a few years--I started writing for the web in 1998, and hope to continue, although it might be at a more leisurely pace at times.