StATS: A short biography that can be used as an introduction (May 9, 2008).

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I'm giving a talk today, and I was asked to provide some material that could be used to introduce me. Please use any or all of this or to substitute anything that you feel is appropriate.

Steve Simon earned a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Iowa in 1982. He currently works as a research biostatistician at Childrens Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, MO. Steve also provides support to a project for the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators to examine various methods for risk adjustment.

In a previous job at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Steve provided extensive guidance for research programs in reproductive toxicology, ergonomics, noise-induced hearing loss, and inhalation toxicology. He also taught for six years in the College of Business Administration of Bowling Green State University.

Steve Simon has provided lectures on Quality Control methods for several short course at the American Society of Andrology and courses on Evidence-Based Medicine for the Midwest Society for Pediatric Research for the past four years. He has also taught a short course at London and Amersterdam on the special issues for research involving children (aren't you jealous!).

Throughout his career, Steve has been an active researcher. He has co-authored over 60 publications in a variety of Medical and Statistical Journals, four of which have won major awards.. He has produced a series of invited editorials for the Lab Corner of the Journal of Andrology and recently published a book, Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials, through Oxford University Press.

He is the author of the StATS web pages (Steve's Attempt to Teach Statistics) which includes the advice column, Ask Professor Mean and is a regular contributor to the Chance website.

In 2002, Steve and his wife, Cathy, adopted a two year old boy, Nicholas, from Russia. When he's not playing with Nicholas, Steve dances with the Back Porch Cloggers, an Appalachian Clogging group.

This page was written by Steve Simon while working at Children's Mercy Hospital. Although I do not hold the copyright for this material, I am reproducing it here as a service, as it is no longer available on the Children's Mercy Hospital website. Need more information? I have a page with general help resources. You can also browse for pages similar to this one at Category: Professional details.