StATS: Thanks to all my proofreaders! (created 2007-03-14). Category: Website details

Someone emailed me with a suggestion that I have said "increase" when I meant to say "decrease" and "decrease" when I meant to say "increase." I looked at the page in question and she was right.

That's one of the wonderful thing about the web. People will email me with suggestions and corrections, and they do it for free!

Several years ago, someone was reviewing a bibliography from one of my web pages and pointed out that my reference to Fahey (1996) should actually be Fahey (1995). Now that's good proofreading!

I've also had people point out when some of my web pages are in questionable taste. It is rather surprising to think that a web page about statistics could be found to be offensive to some. I do try to use a bit of humor, though, and humor can sometimes backfire.

If you happen to find any errors, or want to comment on anything about my webpages (compliments are also appreciated), send me an email at ssimon (at) cmh (dot) edu.

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