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Bioinformatics Frequently Asked Questions. Counsell D, Accessed on 2005-09-07.

[Exceprt] Mail your questions to me, Damian Counsell, and I'll try to bring you answers. Alternatively, if you have your own answers, mail them to me and I'll incorporate them. The practical section in particular is full of gaps so your contributions to that are particularly welcome; I am slowly completing and extending the entries when I have the time. Although I am happy to tackle questions of general interest to all visitors to the site, please note that:
* I cannot answer queries specific to you alone,
* I am not a careers adviser,
* I try not to offer opinions on the relative merits of bioinformatics courses,
* I won't answer your essay questions, assignments, or homework,
* I won't provide you with a list of companies for you to market your bioinformatics product to,
* I won't suggest a project for your Master's/PhD,
* I have not devised a bioinformatic cure for cancer---and neither have you, and
* This FAQ is perpetually under construction.

I hope, however, that the information here helps with your studies, career and work.

[My comments] This FAQ offers two especially useful answers for me: What is a DNA array? and What is an ontology?

XploRe e-books. MD*Tech. Accessed on 2005-09-01.

[Excerpt] We offer a variety of electronic statistical books which are available in different formats (html, pdf). All books contain a large number of Quantlets which illustrate the theoretical content. To use an electronic version of our e-books a login and password are required except for the e-books that have the Springer logo. All pdf versions are nonprintable.

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