Interesting book: SPSS 12.0 Guide to Data Analysis. Marija Norusis.

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I have not read this book, but it comes highly recommended in the Fall 2004 newsletter of the Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences Section of the American Statistical Association. The review was written by Daniel W. Byrne. Here's the opening paragraph of the review. Those who teach statistics in the health sciences are often asked to recommend “a good introductory statistics book”. This request is frequently made by physician/colleagues attempting to learn both data analysis and statistical software. Since it is unlikely that these busy professionals will have time and motivation to read both a statistics textbook and a statistical software manual, there is need for a book that combines the two. In my opinion, Marija Norusis’ book “SPSS® 12.0 Guide to Data Analysis” fills this niche better than any of the competing books. For the past 15 years, I have been recommending this book and have received positive feedback from my colleagues and students. The description of this book was written by Steve Simon on 2006-03-16, edited by Steve Simon, and was last modified on 2010-04-01.